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3 Artist that Jean-Michel Basquiat Influenced

Basquiat became a cultural phenom with his abstract art work and till this day came to inspire many. This is a small list of artist and creators Basquiat has influenced… Read…

Who Is The Best Naruto Character in Arc 1 and 2 ?

Shino Aburame “Wasted Talent” Now before I make my argument on Shino being one of the best constructed and most likable characters in early Naruto I want to show you… Read…

Top 5 NBA Draft Class Players 2021

We list the top college players entering the 2021 nab draft and showcase some of their highlights. This list is not set in stone being that it’s still early into… Read…

3 Steps To Follow When Confronting A Karen

This modern-day trend of the “Karen” encounters being recorded has shed light on the treatment black people have been facing in secrecy for decades now. The new social media era… Read…


MF DOOM has inspired and many young rappers such as Earl Sweatshirt, Tyler the Creator, and Joey Bada$$. His way of seamlessly making the his nonsensical lyrics make the most… Read…

Top 5 Blockchain Art Of 2020

This list pays homage to the new trailblazing art industry that is digital art. This list does not signify the most expensive or the most scarce, it’s the most influential… Read…

Top 5 Culture Defining Websites

We rated the top five most impact-full and culture-shifting websites. We used categories such as impact, use, and overall fan fair to structure our list. Please feel free to comment… Read…

Top 5 Culture Defining Sneakers

From skate culture, rap, and basketball we list the 5 most influential sneakers that propelled their respected niches to the mainstream. We focused heavily on impact and sustainability to craft… Read…

Is Lil Pump The Worst SoundCloud Rapper Ever?

Lil Pump is a Miami based rapper who came to fame in the 2010s and was on the second wave of the sound cloud rappers. His claim to fame was… Read…

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What are the worst of the worst in each category that hindered the categories growth and progression. Sin articles will touch on the worst of the worst and have you the viewer vote on whether it is truly Sin.


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