3 Steps To Follow When Confronting A Karen

This modern-day trend of the “Karen” encounters being recorded has shed light on the treatment black people have been facing in secrecy for decades now. The new social media era has made it harder for those types of women to get away with spreading lies and false accusations. One can only think about what was being brushed under the rug back in the day. Each Karen brought to justice brings a smile to the faces of murdered teens like Emmit Till and the little rock 5. We listed below a video of what to look for and how to act when confronting a Karen.

Step 1 Always have your camera out

Video Credit: Today

This video shows two cases of how recording can protect you from false accusations that a wild Karen will throw your way. The teen in the first half of the video only had his father vouching for him, he was facing off against this brute of a Karen and the dimwitted manger. The video showed it was the unruly Karen who was the aggressor and put the teen as the victim.

The same with the Karen in the sound half of the video bringing false allegations to the police about the man in the second video. Recording can save you from a “he said she said” scenario.

Step 2 Keep Calm

Video Credit: What’s Trending

You don’t want to have any sudden movements around a wild Karen they are considered aggressive creatures who feed off of chaos. Keeping a cool and steady head will deter the Karen’s aggression and put you in control of the scenario.

Though it will not protect you all the time from a Karen’s blood lust, following our first and second steps will have you on video as an innocent bystander and the Karen as the persecutor. As you can see from the video of the lush employee calmly talking down this unreasonable Karen.

Step 3 Sue

Video Credit: Today

Many don’t view this as an option and only seeing certain encounters as funny meme-worthy moments. However, these Karens are becoming more and more dangerous and these encounters are turning into assault cases. Suing the Karens and Karen enablers will send a message.

Take Keyon Harrold Jr suing the Arlo Hotel in New York and this disgusting Karen: Miya Taylor Ponsetto for the assault that his son received from Miya for a stolen phone she claimed he had stolen but, was later found in an uber she took.

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