Top 5 NBA Draft Class Players 2021

We list the top college players entering the 2021 nab draft and showcase some of their highlights. This list is not set in stone being that it’s still early into the college basketball season. Please rate and leave your options in the comment section.

5. Jonathan Kuminga,┬áTeam: Oklahoma State, Height 6’8, Forward / Guard

Video Credit: Frankie Vision

We have Jonathan Kuminga at our 5th position on the list, he has been making noise on the scene for a while now. He is a big playmaker for any team he’s on and with his size and athleticism can bully other guards in the post. He needs to work on his perimeter shooting and strength before making that NBA leap but is an ideal candidate for any team.

4. Jalen Suggs, Team: Gonzaga, Height 6’4, Piont Guard/ Samll Forward

Video Credit: Swish

Jalen Suggs has bullied his way into the top 5 prospects and is play incredibly his first couple college games. He has the build for a guard at 6’4, finishes above the rim and quick on defense. He shoots, defends and passes like no other in his class and is quickly making a name for himself. One take away many will bring up is that he can be streaky and shoot lights out one minute then have trouble the next. This however can be handled with the elite coaches and trainers in the NBA level.

3. Even Mobley, Team USC, Height 7’0, Center

Video Credit: Swish

Even Mobley is a quick off his foot explosive big, he is the standout center of the draft class. He takes the leadership position he is given and runs the team as such. He needs to work on his strength around bigger guards and his positioning. With some coaching and a proper conditioning trainer he can make a name for himself in the NBA.

2. Jalen Green, Team G-League, Height 6’5, Small Guard

Video Credit: Courtside Films

Jalen Green is a bucket in every sense of the word. He is an explosive option for any team and will grind to get every bucket. He is able to control himself and finish strong in the point over bigger defenders. He is also an amazing perimeter shooter and playmaker. He plays undersized though for his position being 6’5 and very lean. Although a great player to build with for a struggling team mirrors a Ja Morant.

1. Cade Cunningham,┬áTeam: Oklahoma State, Height 6’8, PG

Video Credit: Swish

Cade Cunningham is one of the most NBA-ready players of the draft and his exceptional game has proven it. A 6’8 point guard with a 7-foot wingspan no matter the team will create an impact. His size and play-making ability help him finish in the paint and his perimeter shooting is not bad either. He needs to work on his strength, at times can be bullied by stronger defenders. He is going to be a great fit for any team that can grab him.

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