Who Is The Best Naruto Character in Arc 1 and 2 ?

Shino Aburame “Wasted Talent”

Now before I make my argument on Shino being one of the best constructed and most likable characters in early Naruto I want to show you all a clip from the Bronx tale on wasted talent. Something the writer’s of Naruto know all too well with characters such as Rock Lee and Hinata being poorly written or underwritten.

In the throwaway section is where Shino was left by the writers of Naruto but he still made his claim as one of the most complex and strategic characters on the show. See the wasted talent clip below.

Video Credit: The one film element

This article is going to shed light on what could have been. Shino like many of the early Naruto characters had so much life, personality, and skill. However, because he did not fill the Naruto and Sasuke plot, he was pushed and nerfed to irrelevancy. I will shed light on how this character perfectly embodied what a badass ninja truly was.

Shino The Strategic Powerhouse

Video Credit: xFlyingTigerx

“While an ace in the hole is good, two ace’s are better” -Shino. Shino’s fighting style mirrored a game of chess, he would always position himself 10 moves ahead of his opponents. This helped shine win a majority of his fights with a nice cushion for surprises his opponents might have. In this battle, Shino didn’t underestimate that his opponents arms were broken, just like chess had a move ready for that very outcome.

Turning His Weaknesses Into Strengths

Video Credit: KoNoHaMaRu ThE 8tH HoKaGe

Shino has never been a strong hand to hand combat fighter. But valuing being a well-rounded ninja asked Hinata and Kiba, two ninja who use their hand to hand combat as the main fighting styles to train him. This shows how determined Shino was in becoming a great ninja.


Video Credit: Nee San

This last fight speaks volumes about Shino’s character. Before the fight begun Shino chased down Kankuro so that he can have his last fight in the exams. He showed a fearless and determined character trait that all great leaders have. He then throughout the fight outmaneuvered Kankuro and put his body on the line to secure his victory and protect his village. This fight alone signifies what a true worrier and hero shine was.

What they did to Shino in the later arcs is just sad and deplorable, such a strong and meaningful character thrown away for a storyline on who had better eyes. His fighting style and combat strategy were unmatched by many and he was an all-around good teammate and friend. I hope one day the show can bring justice to his name and write a true story for Shino. And he did this all while not having a pet demon to grant him powers, alien blood, or special eyes!

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