Skins (The British Version) The best Coming to Age story

A Coming To Age Story Done Right

Skins Generation 1: Where are they now?

Skins is a coming to age story of a group of British teens that have to face life through all the obstacles and hurdles placed in front of them. The story is mainly following Sid’s life, but gives the rest of the cast their own episodes to flesh their characters out. Each character in the show feels like a real person that we all know or know of, this then makes their friendship relatable and believable.

No Plot?

There isn’t a major goal or plot that each teen is trying to face, some characters like Chris and Cassie just wanted life to not move so quickly and find some control in there lives. While other characters like Sid and Tony were more focused in finding love. Of course these aren’t the only goals those characters had but like life the show was all ways changing course and throwing curve balls at each character creating a sort of chaotic plot.

This type of story telling really draws the viewer in because like real life there is no next act where this and that is going to happen, like real life this show paints the future as random and life change as it truly is. The writers have really find a way to make a believable and enjoyable show that had the characters acting like real kids and had real life things happen to them.

Tough Subjects

The Show was also able to speak on tough subjects in a honest yet entertaining way, such as homophobia, rape, and the family issues. The show put each teen in a uncomfortable position and the teens acted relatable in how they handled each situation, because some of the time they didn’t have the answers and the writers didn’t write it down for them. This kind of helplessness brought life to each of the characters and made the situations they would be in that much more dramatic for the viewer.

The Impact Of Skins

Skins: How the TV series produced so much British talent - BBC News

Skins produced so many amazing British actors such as; Dev Patel: who was in Bollywood, Daniel Kaluuya: who had a leading role in get out and was in black panther, and so many other great successful actors. One has to ask how did a show come out with so much talent.

The answer to that question is simple, they trained them. A show which such strong writing and directing is bound to rub off on it actors. With the right people leading the show the right young actors would soak up all that great experience and it would stick with them. Daniel Kaluuya was even a contributing writer in the show at a very young age. This show built the perfect environment for success.

I urge the reader of this article to give it a shot and get lost in each character’s story, the writing will take you on a ride that is funny, defeating at times, yet fulfilling.

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