MF DOOM has inspired and many young rappers such as Earl Sweatshirt, Tyler the Creator, and Joey Bada$$. His way of seamlessly making the his nonsensical lyrics make the most since drew young audience to him and turned them into some of the best lyricist. We Honor MF DOOM with 5 tracks every DOOM fan should listen too. Please comment below your favorite track and which track you think should have made it on the list.

1. All Caps

One of DOOMs most well known songs

2. Beef Rap

This track really displays DOOMS rap skills as he uses the food beef as a metaphor for Rap beef

3. Sofa King

One of Dooms more humorous songs it almost feels like your in a saturday morning cartoon!

4. Deep Fried Frenz

One of Dooms most palatable songs, this is the song you us to introduce e your straight edge friends tho the Villain.

5. GMO

This is one of DOOMs more elusive tracks filled with conspiracies and double entendres. This is Doom in his best element.

Rest In Peace MF DOOM and thank you for all the great music you’ve given us throughout the years, a true Villain with a heart!

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