Is Lil Pump The Worst SoundCloud Rapper Ever?

Lil Pump is a Miami based rapper who came to fame in the 2010s and was on the second wave of the sound cloud rappers. His claim to fame was a 2013 song called Gucci Gang where the rapper would repeat the phrase throughout the song and take a majority of the run time. The song was substance-less with the rapper talking mainly about cocaine use, buying designer clothing, and clowning on those who could not live up to his high level of spending. The Gucci Gang song Accumulated 1 billion views on YouTube and is considered one of the best worst rap songs of its time.

Lil Pumps Gucci Gang, comment below what the deeper meaning is!

The sad thing is Lil Pump does have relatable things he can rap about. He didn’t grow up rich, in fact, he grew up in a lower-middle-class neighborhood and started to rap as young as 13 to 14 years old, while idolizing the Chicago drill movements Chief Keef and lil Reese. However, even Chief Keef rapped about making it out of the hood and how he had to hold a strong bond with his friends to do so. Just because a rapper wants to be edgy in the case of Lil Pump doesn’t mean you have to lose meaning in your words. Even in Chief Keef’s most braggadocios raps you can pick up a line or two about why he values money so much check out Hallelujah by the rapper.

I do this so Lolo won’t have to worry again (Worry again)
And KayKay can be like pops and ride ‘Raris and shit (‘Raris and shit)

In Conclusion

Lil Pump is just another industry rapper, who makes music on what’s popular at the moment, not what’s most impactful or holds the most meaning to the rapper. It’s sad to see rap a counter-culture music genre being lassoed and used up by the mainstream industry. But with great artists like JID, Kendrick, Isaiah Rashad, Logic and much more rap is still in good hands. Rate bellow if you agree, disagree, or feel impartial to our article and comment on what you think below.

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