3 Artist that Jean-Michel Basquiat Influenced

Basquiat became a cultural phenom with his abstract art work and till this day came to inspire many. This is a small list of artist and creators Basquiat has influenced in such a shot time span. 1. Banksey Banksey is one of todays most well known and elusive artist that paid respect to the late Basquiat by creating this master piece of a mashup between his and Basquait’s styles in… Read More »3 Artist that Jean-Michel Basquiat Influenced

Top 5 Blockchain Art Of 2020

This list pays homage to the new trailblazing art industry that is digital art. This list does not signify the most expensive or the most scarce, it’s the most influential art to make an impact that superseded their respective niches and made waves in the blockchain world. 5. Cryptokittie’s X Momo Wang / Crypto Kitties X Hackatao CryptoKitties is one of the leading companies in the blockchain space and has amassed… Read More »Top 5 Blockchain Art Of 2020