3 Artist that Jean-Michel Basquiat Influenced

Jean-Michel Basquiat - 156 artworks - painting

Basquiat became a cultural phenom with his abstract art work and till this day came to inspire many. This is a small list of artist and creators Basquiat has influenced in such a shot time span.

1. Banksey

Banksy artworks appear on Barbican walls ahead of Basquiat exhibition

Banksey is one of todays most well known and elusive artist that paid respect to the late Basquiat by creating this master piece of a mashup between his and Basquait’s styles in the Barbican Exhibit.

2. Jay Z

Video Credit: Inside Edition

Jay Z and many artists such as ASAP Rocky and Rick Ross have included Basquiat in many of their lyrics and have talked about the influence he’s had in their lives. Basquiat encompassed the rebellious nature of Hip Hop and became the genre’s, favorite artist. See the inside edition video for more.

3. Yusaku Maezawa

$110 Million Basquiat Unseats Warhol as America's Most Expensive Artist at  Sotheby's Sale - Artsy

Meazawa is a world renowned Japanese billionaire businessman and art collector who made Basquiat the highest selling American artist. He founded the retile site Zozotown and saw Basquait as an inspiration. He bought Basquiat untitled skull piece for a record breaking 110 million dollars and legitimized Basquiat as a financial investment.

Basquait’s art will forever touch and influence many creators for years to come.

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